Your mouth odor can be determined in different ways:

Here we sniff at different breath samples without a face mask or gloves (otherwise there is nothing to smell!). For you, this might be uncomfortable but for us it our job!
The samples we smell at, are:
(1). exhaled air (while or without speaking);
(2). saliva;
(3). tongue coating;
(4). dental plaque between the teeth;
(5). dental plaque out of pockets;
(6). tonsils;
(7). exhaled air through the nose, and
(8). prosthesis (if available).


To the odor intensity, a value from o (no smell) to 5 (extreme smell) is awarded. With our trained nose, we are perfectly able to carry out an objective observation!

The most advanced device for the moment is the Oral Chroma. This electronic nose is injected with a sample of your mouth air. After 10 minutes we get an analysis of the 3 most important sulfur gases that may occur in the mouth: hydrogen sulphide (H2S), methyl mercaptan (CH 3 SH), and dimethyl sulphide ((CH3) 2SH). The device gives at the same time an idea of the intensity of these gases, with respect to “acceptable” values.

injecting sample in Oral Chroma
result of an Oral Chroma test

By performing this test before and after our therapy, the results of our treatment can clearly be imaged.

In addition, you are faced with a microscopic image of your own dental plaque. Through a video screen you see your own swimming bacteria. They key bacteria are the mobile rods and spirochetes (“corkscrew”).

dental plaque under the microscope

From a saliva sample, the AMMP-8 presence is determined. This enzyme is a biomarker can determine the risk for destruction of periodontal and / or peri-implantair tissue, even before clinical signs are visible. The relationship between AMMP-8 and periodontitis, and halitosis therefore, has been demonstrated in different scientific research.

AMMP-8 test

Besides these measurements also an X-ray is made and the periodontal pockets are measured. We investigate for caries, overhanging fillings and / or crowns and ill-fitting dentures. Also, the oral hygiene is checked. The extent of tongue coating is registered (tongue coating index).

overhanging filling



With our specific BCT-treatment (Breath Clinic Therapy), we can help to 90% of the patients to het definitively rid of their problem.

These BCT-treatment consists of 5 inseparable steps:

(1). thorough cleaning of the teeth and periodontal pockets

cleaning of teeth and periodontal pockets

(2). disinfection of the gums and the pockets using a diode laser

disinfection by lasering

(3). cleaning the tongue with the AIR-N-GO (sandblasting)

tongue cleaning with AIR-N-GO

(4). disinfection of the tongue by a PDT laser

fotosan PDT-laser

(5). comprehensive oral hygiene instruction: brushing teeth, interdental cleaning and tongue cleaning (scraping and brushing)


In case of severe periodontitis, you will be treated according to the periodontics protocol (see

After 2 months, a recall follows: again with sniffing tests, Oral Chroma test and microscopy. In addition, the oral hygiene is checked and the teeth optionally polished.

You can breathe freely again !!!

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