Dr. C.M.L. Bollen

Curd Bollens has been more than 20 years involved in mouth odor research and clinic and is therefore a Key Opinion Leader in Europe. He received his education and training in the mid 90s by prof. Dr. Daniel van Steenberghe in Leuven (Belgium).
van Steenberghe was one of the first European physicians who realized the importance of this issue, analyzed and mapped it.
Afterwards, Dr. Bollen became consultant for mouth odor at the universities of Liege (Belgium) and Bonn (Germany). From 2010 to 2012 he was a clinical assistant professor at the University of Dusseldorf (Germany) with halitosis as his research topic.

dr. Curd Bollen

Due this years of experience he has a well-trained nose and he is also skilled in the management of patients with halitofobie.
He presents at home and abroad, lectures and workshops on this theme.


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In addition, there appeared several articles of his hand in national and regional newspapers.